I noticed all the Philippine Lit searches being made here in ManuelViloria.com, even if this is a “how to gain more traffic for your blog” site. Anyway, I hope this helps you out:

Iskrip ng El Fili (El Fili Scripts)

El Filibusterismo Chapter Summaries (English)
Notes and chapter summaries of the novel by Jose Rizal.

El Filibusterismo Synopsis (English)

Noli Me Tangere Summary (English)

Buod ng Noli Me Tangere (Tagalog, audio format)

Ibong Adarna (English summary)

The Pretenders
Summary of F. Sionil Jose’s novel. (Completed: Choragus)

Manuel Arguilla
Writer. Author of “How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife.”

Analysis of How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife
Here’s a quick analysis of Manuel Arguilla’s How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife. The story is told from the point of view of Baldo, the younger brother of Leon. The second paragraph gives you the clue…