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Press Release Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of your website if you’re trying to make money online. And one way of attracting thousands of visitors to your site is with the help of the mighty press release. Aside from giving you SEO benefits such as backlinks and exposure to highly targeted sources of traffic, press releases also help [...]

$500 Worth of Traffic For Free?

Is it possible to get $500 worth of web traffic flowing to your site for free? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Marhgil Macuha. Here’s how he did it, and how you can tweak your own traffic-boosting strategy and gain more visitors for your blog or site.

OnlyWire Reborn?

Last May 2008, I wrote OnlyWire Bites the Dust, but it looks like there are new stirrings of life over at OnlyWire. Some changes have been made, and Linkatopia even blogged about the new management of OnlyWire. So, does this mean multi-bookmarking services can now deliver loads of traffic once again to your website?

Blog Posting Frequency and Web Traffic

If you post to your blog often, will you get more traffic? Someone asked me whether problogging means he’ll be a slave to his computer, typing day in and day out (or all throughout the night), just so that he will get a lot of visitors to his web site. Will traffic dry up if [...]

BlogRush: Lessons Learned

BlogRush shuts down after a little over a year, and while promises of a rush of web site traffic did not materialize for a lot of site owners, we are still thankful for the 0.1% to 0.8% clickthrough traffic that BlogRush did send to a number of sites, plus the online earnings it also helped [...]

Twitter and the Social Media Musician

People interested in things related to MMO want to increase their web site traffic. Anywhere and any which way we can get more visitors, we’ll take it. Yes, even on Twitter. There’s this dream of a flood of traffic if we build a large enough Twitter following. Well, you’re about to meet a musician who [...]

Unique Article Wizard

People are wondering how the Unique Article Wizard system works. Given the non-disclosure agreements that affect UAW users, however, no one can really talk about the secrets behind it. I haven’t used UAW, but based on the different reviews online, this is probably how it works…