Do you want to easily backup and restore your WordPress blog? Or do you want to clone your WP blog in only a matter of minutes? I recently got hold of WP Twin (by Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien), installed it, tried it, and now I’m writing this WP Twin review for those of you who want to use it to make money online, but are wondering if WPTwin is just a scam…

First off, WP Twin does not work out of the box in some web hosting providers. I did find that it works quite well in websites hosted in Hostgator.

(NOTE: I tested this on WordPress 3.0 and WP 3.01 blogs)

The first thing you do is clone your WordPress blog, which you can do with WP Twin in just a few minutes. Then you download that clone file to your hard disk.

Then you go over to your other webhost provider, install a new copy of WordPress in a new folder, upload the clone of your WordPress blog, then run a program or script to set-up your old blog in the new location.

How does this help make you money online?

If you have a WordPress-powered membership site that contains drip content and which uses Amazon S3 to serve videos and MP3 files, then you know that your members will get quite sore if your website goes down.

And yes, sometimes your webserver will go down. It’s not like you have 100% uptime or something.

That’s where WP Twin shines!

You can clone your membership site and easily set it up in another webserver.

Then when (not if) your current site goes down, you can simply tell your members to visit the back-up site. Sweet! :-)

What I Don’t Like About WP Twin

A few minor things, actually.

Some posts (in the original or cloned blog) which have a dash in the title end up showing a strange character in the second copy. Other posts which also have a dash in the title appear perfectly fine, though.

Also, the settings of certain plugins (e.g., Who Sees Ads) did not get carried over, so I had to manually set those up. Just to be clear, the plugin was copied and correctly installed. It’s just the settings of that particular plugin that weren’t cloned.

Why WP Twin Is For You

WP Twin ( is for you if you want to easily create a mirror copy of your membership site or blog, for the benefit of your site’s members in case the main site goes down.

WP Twin is definitely for you if you want to easily and quickly revive a blog that has crashed, because you can easily backup and restore copies of your blog.

(Just make sure you actually take the time to make the clone or back-up copy.)

WPTwin is also for you if you want to easily clone a basic blog setup, and you plan to launch several new blogs quickly based on that setup.

(Personally, I don’t see myself launching and nurturing several new blogs, so this is one use I’m not that keen on pursuing).

WPTwin is also for you if you like to create a clone-able blog design and set-up, because of the WP Twin Marketplace, where other WPTwin users might want to handily set-up new blogs based on your offered design.

In the WPTwin Marketplace, you can get paid for your clone-able blog, which makes this another potential income stream for you.

From what I’ve seen, a good number of internet marketers have sites hosted in Hostgator, which means they can easily set-up their blogs with the help of WP Twin. And this will help make your clone-able blog more saleable in the WP Twin marketplace.

Why Would Others Want Your Clone-able Blog?

There are several reasons, most of which focus on SAVING TIME:

  • They don’t want to delete the “Hello World” post which appears in standard WordPress blogs installed via the one-click Fantastico script of various webservers.
  • They don’t want to spend time creating a Contact Us page and a Privacy page.
  • They don’t want to spend time installing useful WordPress plugins used by SEO and internet marketing enthusiasts.
  • They don’t want to spend time adjusting themes just so that they can insert various online advertising widgets (e.g., Google AdSense code).

WP Twin Wishlist

I wish WPTwin would be able to automate the process of creating clone back-ups, similar to what some blog backup WordPress plugins do. Perhaps the developers want to keep the system more secure, which explains why they haven’t automated this yet.

All in all, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos have a winner of a product in WP Twin. And bloggers everywhere can sleep more soundly, knowing that restoring a blog will now be infinitely easier and quicker now more than ever before, thanks in a huge part to WP Twin.

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