People are asking about Wiki Nuke by Dan Lew, and if this linkbuilding tool can help you make money online. Let’s review the following points or assumptions about SEO and driving traffic to your website…

People are worried that recent changes in the SEO algorithms of Google will or have even diminished the effectiveness of backlinks, depending on the websites providing such backlinks.

In other words, a lot of websites are no longer giving you enough backlink juice, because the search engines are not placing as much importance on those sites compared to before.

What Wiki Nuke does is help you automatically place articles and backlinks in Authority Sites (think media wikis) that still have enough SEO juice to make the backlink count for your site.

What do we see in the above Wiki Nuke Review video?

1. Content is created either originally or by copy/pasting and modifying articles found all over the web.

2. The article is spun, in an effort to make it look unique, and to help produce even more articles.

3. The spun articles (together with the backlinks to your website) are then automatically submitted to various media wikis.

Is this spam? Some say: “It’s not spam if people don’t abuse it.”

So our question is: How do the Wiki Nuke creators ensure that people don’t abuse their SEO tool?

Other questions to consider:

  • What happens if some Wiki Nuke customers bombard the various “authority sites” with spun articles whose main goal is to simply increase the number of backlinks to their sites?
  • How will these “authority sites” maintain their SEO authority status if most of their content eventually consists basically of spun articles?
  • How long will this type of linkbuilding approach last?

While this may give the impression that Wiki Nuke appears like a short-term type of SEO tool which may be effective for quick online marketing campaigns (e.g., viral topics and Facebook marketing tactics), you should think thrice before relying on this for your long-term websites whose main goal is to build sustainable authority.

Remember: From the SEO expert’s short-term perspective, SEO is an on-going battle between search engine optimization specialists (whose goal is online visibility for their clients) and search engines (whose goal is to provide relevant results to people searching for solutions or information).

And you are in the best position to determine which of your websites can go for quick, short-term SEO tactics such as Wiki Nuke, and which ones are best served by long-term, sustainable strategic SEO campaigns.

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