Shawn Anderson releases Wicked Simple Cash (formerly called Stupid Simple Cash) for those who want to make money online. Here’s a Wicked Simple Cash review for those of you who are curious about this highly affordable WSO.

Wicked Simple Cash is a 20-page PDF ebook that quickly lays down the step-by-step blueprint that Shawn Anderson uses to make money on the web. It’s a foundational type of ebook, because Shawn explains how he starts creating websites.

He does not give the specific details on how to monetize the websites that you build, but he does give a lot of pre-selling tips such as:

  • 3 profitable niches that Shawn targets (we’re surprised he shared them with others)
  • Where to get webhosting
  • The Truth about Keywords
  • Where to get a Domain Name
  • How long should your articles be? How may words?
  • How many articles should you write? (Nope, not hundreds.)
  • The Two Types of Backlinks and How To Use Each Type Correctly
  • Where to Build the First Type of Backlinks, and How They Should Be Made
  • Where to Create the Second Type of Backlinks (for free)

Here’s the secret of success if you choose to use the Wicked Simple Cash method: Write the kind of articles that search engines want.

If you don’t like to write, find someone to help you. Budget up to a maximum of $10 per article. We’ve heard of some people who write fantastic articles for only $4 per article, but those writers are fully booked.

Here’s a tip: Visit the English department of the nearest university, and work with English majors over there. You will most likely be able to find good writers who can work within your budget.

It also helps to know that the profitable niche revealed by Shawn Anderson in his ebook is pretty much well covered on the web. That means your writers will have an easy time conducting research on that topic.

Although there are no guarantees you will earn so many dollars online, Shawn offers a crisp $100 bill to his customers who buy the ebook, follow the instructions and build a website on the niche topic that Shawn reveals, and still don’t get traffic.

In effect, Shawn is confident that your website will get traffic if you follow the steps that he outlines in his ebook.

Based on our estimates, it will take a focused but less-than-average writer 30 hours to write the required number of articles in the Wicked Simple Cash plan. But please don’t expect that your website will be ready to suck in cash after that 30-hour period.

Here’s a sample work schedule we will assign to a writer or virtual assistant:

Month 1 – Build site 1 (30 hours)
Month 2 – Build site 2, update site 1 (45 hours)
Month 3 – Build site 3, update sites 1 and 2 (60 hours)
Month 4 – Update sites 1, 2 and 3 (45 hours)
Month 5 – Update sites 1, 2 and 3 (45 hours)
Month 6 – Update sites 1, 2 and 3 (45 hours)

Please take note that a full-time writer / virtual assistant can give you 176 hours a month, and that the timing shown above assumes your VA has less-than-average writing skills. If you have a full-time writer/VA, here’s the schedule:

Month 1 – Build site 1 (30 hours)
Month 2 – Build site 2, update site 1 (45 hours)
Month 3 – Build site 3, update sites 1 and 2 (60 hours)
Month 4 – Build site 4, update sites 1, 2 and 3 (75 hours)
Month 5 – Build site 5, update sites 1, to 4 (90 hours)
Month 6 – Build site 6, update sites 1 to 5 (105 hours)
Month 7 – Build site 7, update sites 1 to 6 (120 hours)
Month 8 – Build site 8, update sites 1 to 7 (135 hours)
Month 9 – Build site 9, update sites 1 to 8 (150 hours)
Month 10 – Build site 10, update sites 1 to 9 (165 hours)
Month 11 – Update sites 1 to 10 (150 hours)
Month 12 – Update sites 1 to 10 (150 hours)

Please note, though, that Shawn did not say in his ebook that you have to go out and build 10 websites. Actually, he’s already quite satisfied with ONE website. :-)

We’re amazed that Shawn Anderson offers his ebook for around $10 (the last time we looked), because his PDF ebook contains links to YouTube videos where he explains the methods better. Perhaps Shawn feels the technique is so simple, and so he priced his ebook that low.

All in all, Wicked Simple Cash is easy to read, and easy to implement (especially when you have someone who can help you write articles).

Here’s wishing you more traffic (and higher online revenues) for your websites! :-)

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