People interested in things related to MMO want to increase their web site traffic. Anywhere and any which way we can get more visitors, we’ll take it. Yes, even on Twitter. There’s this dream of a flood of traffic if we build a large enough Twitter following. Well, you’re about to meet a musician who has a fantastic understanding of social media marketing…

Steve Lawson is a musician, speaker, writer and social media consultant who advises musicians to treat their audience as friends rather than as a “target market.”

That’s a pretty far cry from what we’ve been reading in internet marketing and MMO blogs, right? You know… the old build a large Twitter following, then broadcast your blog post link, gain a torrent of visitors, and laugh all the way to the bank.

(By the way, I found out about Steve because of’s Advice to a Brand using Twitter.)

Perhaps in the Web 2.0 social world, we’ll just end up with a lot of laughing and not enough banking, unless we learn from natural marketers who have learned to market properly to people. Just to be clear, though, all these social media tactics are designed to grow an audience. In terms of your blog, that “audience” refers to people who will regularly return to your blog and read your latest posts.

If you are trying to make money online with the help of AdSense, however, don’t expect your income to grow on the basis of repeat visitors. Your AdSense earnings will depend largely on the number of first-time visitors, particularly those coming to your site from the search engines.

On the other hand, if you are targeting affiliate commissions or banner advertising where you are paid on the basis of number of impressions or pageviews, then a social media strategy will work better for you, because your business model relies on repeat traffic.

(Then again, you can always opt for a hybrid approach where your home based online business targets earning opportunities aimed towards first-time search engine visitors as well as loyal, repeat visitors.)

Anyway, let’s get back to social media, music, and Twitter. In Steve’s Social Media – first principles for musicians (Pt 2), he gives a number of tips when it comes to interacting with your audience:

Talk to your audience like friends
don’t patronise them
don’t shout at them
listen to them but don’t pretend they’re your producers
share things of value with them
invite them into your creative pathway
give away information and ideas that have currency
help them and they’ll help you.

I’m waiting for him to publish Part 3, where he will write about software and hardware tools.

Anyway, because of this sidetrip into the world of Steve Lawson, I found out about another musician: Ben Walker of (nice domain name, right?) :-)

Ben wrote The Twitter Song (YouTube):

Okay, so what’s the point? Growing your audience the “right” or “new” way will help drive traffic to your blog, your Twitter page, and even your YouTube page. Yes, there are people who prefer to focus on blogs and AdSense, and that is perfectly fine. If, on the other hand, you want to expand your experience, you can go beyond blogging and even try podcasting, videoblogging, or microblogging.

You will meet more people, and before you know it, you’ll be a social media expert not just online, but in the physical world as well. In the meantime, try to get away from your computer every now and then, grab a guitar or any musical instrument (or even sit in front of a keyboard… the piano type) and make some music.

[I can almost see the headline now... "People laughed when I sat down at the piano to bring in a flood of website traffic. But when I started to play..."] :-D

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