Some folks interested in making money online have been asking about the Think Rich Quick seminar of Trace Trajano because they want to combine the power of real estate online marketing and investing.

Trace Trajano is conducting his TRQ 3 seminar in Cebu in late January 2011. For this seminar, he has invited speakers such as John Calub and Jomar Hilario, touted as the Philippines’ internet marketing expert.

The blueprint of real estate investing success is pretty straightforward:

1. Identify the real estate market.
2. Find buyers.
3. Find properties / sellers.

When you understand the market, you will be able to identify whether you should go into rent-to-own or re-sale. A fair amount of research will help you, though a large chunk of your success depends on your network.

When you work with Trace Trajano, you will have quick access to information about the real estate market because Trace is in touch with so many other real estate investors.

Now when it comes to finding buyers, you can use internet marketing tactics to help you rapidly build a Buyers List. Then again, it also helps to build a Sellers List so that you can move quickly whether you’re in the middle of a Buyers’ Market or a Sellers’ Market.

Thousands of people have attended online marketing seminars and webinars and have mostly focused on earning a passive income via online advertising revenues. Fortunately, there are other more lucrative and financially fulfilling options such as building a list of responsive customers.

Now these customers can either be buyers or sellers, because as a real estate practitioner you have the option of providing Sales Agency, or Purchase Agency services to your clients.

Either way, it helps to build a list and one way of doing this is with the help of an email autoresponder service.

Here’s a video excerpt of real estate investing mentor Trace Trajano being interviewed by Racquel Rodriguez in ANC Shoptalk:

How exactly does one build a list online, to help you earn more in your real estate investing ventures?

It’s easy. All you need to do is read the details regarding the online version (live video streaming) of the Think Rich Quick Cebu seminar.

Next, leave a comment under that blog post if you’re interested in watching the live simulcast broadcast of Trace Trajano’s TRQ Seminar, and getting the DVD coverage of the Cebu event shipped to you.

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