People searching for ways to make money online are asking about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program. For example, the favorite question asked about SWA Ultimate is: What should I do here?

Here is the answer…

We have assembled an easy-to-read PDF file whick tackles the Top Questions fielded in by people interested in SWA, and you can download it from here:

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Most of the members of SWA Ultimate are Filipinos from all over the world, so please don’t be surprised if a you come across various articles or even online video tutorials in Tagalog or Taglish.

Perhaps in the future, we shall see more materials in pure English.

At the moment, the IT tech support group of SWA is monitoring the performance of Version 2. They have migrated the data from Version 1 to the new and faster system, and once they have seen that things have stabilized, they’ll go full blast with the launch.

From what we’ve seen, they’re targeting August 12, 2012.

And from what I’ve heard from Coach Kiko Javier, additional e-books will be added to the SWA Ultimate Online Library. This is going to be a welcome development, because of their promise to grow the online library.

Imagine, for only $55 (one-time fee) Francis Chaves and Kiko Javier are offering Lifetime Access to an ever-growing and ever-expanding online library of e-books that focus on the development of your Mind, Body, and Soul.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Franco Renato Chaves and Kiko Javier for offering so much not only to the Filipino people, but to everyone who has an internet connection.

We admire your commitment to making education and distance learning more accessible and affordable to the world, thanks to your Supreme Wealth Alliance online library of e-books!

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