Ruchi Vasishta launches the Social SEO System to help people who want to make money online, via a series of MP4 videos that show you not only how to rank high in the search engines, but also how to drive a flood of viral traffic to your website.

Now if you’re worried that the Social SEO System is just a scam, just look around you and you will see how “social factors” are being considered by the various search engines.

The Social SEO System (SSS) is a collection of 11 streaming videos that cover topics such as:

  • Introduction to SSS
  • Twitter Intro
  • Retweeting: The Right Way
  • How to make your tweets stand out
  • Facebook Tactics
  • Google+
  • Google Plus Boosting Resource

What I Don’t Like About the Social SEO System

I wish there were transcripts of the videos. Still, the vids are mostly less than 10 minutes in length.

On the technical side, I wish the volume were louder. Just remember to turn down your volume after you go through the online video tutorial or screencasts, so that you won’t get a jolt when you watch videos in YouTube. :-)

Also, it would have been much better if Ruchi showed proof of how Twitter sent a blast of traffic to her own website. Yet come to think of it, perhaps Ruchi is not revealing her own sites for competitive reasons.

Still, I do appreciate the case study presented in the “Twitter Proof” video, because it’s the story of a highly reputable SEO resource online.

Imagine, just because of a tweet posted by a webdesign site, the article of the SEO site ranked #4 for a two-word search phrase.

I’m also thankful to that SSS video, because I then found the actual webpage and learned juicy Twitter and SEO tidbits from the 150+ blog comments towards the bottom of that page.

Based on my own experiments, traffic from Twitter to my own websites was only 10% of that experienced by the search engine optimization website. And mind you, that reputable SEO website was surprised by effect of that third party tweet on their traffic!

That’s why it would be useful to dig deeper into that case study in order to duplicate their results, and help increase Twitter-originating traffic by at least 500 percent.

The video on Google Plus was quite interesting, although I’m not too keen with the resource recommended there. Yes, it looks quite effective, but a quick look at the sites making use of that Google+ boosting system makes me want to say: “Naa… I don’t want to be associated with that group.”

Is the Social SEO System for you?

If you’re new to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ then you will learn a lot from SSS. Moreso if you do a bit of online research and look for the webpages cited in the tutorials.

If you have a bit more experience in Twitter or Facebook, you can still get a couple of takeaways that will help add to your online income. For example, you’ll be shown an example of a page in Facebook that got shared on FB more than 18,000 times!

It was a simple Facebook page that you can easily put up yourself. The key is to avoid focusing too much on the technology (just a simple FB page will do), and to zero in more on human psychology. When you understand what makes people tick, you’ll do better with social media.

What’s the value of social media marketing for you? Lots! Especially if you understand the nature of social traffic, because it adds a new dimension to your internet marketing campaigns.

Not bad for a below $10 investment (the last time I looked) in the Social SEO System tutorial set.

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