Fuad Tolieb and Patrick Kenney launch Social Purchase Profits, a script that taps the social reach of your site visitors to bring in even more traffic to your website, so that you can make more money online. Here’s a review of how it works…

First of all, you will need to set a few things up:

1. A domain or subdomain (you will install the script in the root, and not in a sub-folder).
2. MySQL database (it would be great if a future version of SPP would automate this)
3. FTP the script files to your webserver
4. An electronic product (e.g., report, image file such as a printable discount coupon) that people will want to download.
5. A couple of API Keys/IDs (e.g. Facebook App ID)

Now if you need technical assistance, Fuad and Patrick have online video tutorials. Alternatively, you can have your virtual assistants watch those videos and do the techie stuff for you.

Please note that it may be difficult to read some of the text in their screencapture videos, but Patrick and Fuad are working on additional videos that will help explain things more clearly. Those who are comfortable with the technical set-up, however, will be able to breeze through those online tutorials.

What is a social purchase?

If people want to download your product, they can outright purchase it or they can do a “social purchase” which means that they spread the word about your website before they may download your product.

How do people spread the word?

The Social Purchase Profits script allows people to easily mail a message to their GMail contacts, for example. That message invites their contacts to visit and LIKE a webpage.

Once the original email sender (not you, but one of your site’s visitors) attracts a certain number of LIKEs (you will be the one to set how many LIKEs you want before you allow your visitor/recommender/social purchaser to download your product), he or she will then be able to get your product.

Isn’t this just like those Pay With a Tweet or Facebook Viral Gateways or something?

It’s similar, except that people can help spread the word via their own email accounts and their own email address books.

So if you have your Twitter or Facebook viral marketing tools, keep on using those and simply add SPP to the mix.

Won’t people get tired of emailing their contacts?

The Social Purchase Profits script helps your website visitors easily email their friends. It makes use of a third-party service that connects people with their email address book.

Won’t people be scared to use such an email address book system?

It depends on your level of online credibility and trustworthiness. If you provide good information online, and if you provide social proof on your webpages, then more people will trust you.

More people will trust that you will truly deliver the promised ebook download or discount coupon, and more people will trust that you will respect their email address book.

Social Purchase? How About MONEY Purchase?

Yes, you’re probably asking how you will get paid for your product if everyone just “purchases” it socially.

With the Social Purchase Profits script, you have the option of displaying a “Buy Now” button. This will be appreciated by people who want your product, but don’t want to spend the time telling their friends about it.

This allows them to save time and buy your product right now.

So if you have site visitors who prefer to make a “social purchase”, and they tell a lot of their friends, some of those friends may end up buying your product.

But what if the visitors and their friends are all just social purchasers? Where’s the money?

You can also use this social purchase system for: Lead Generation.

For example, your much sought-after download could be a PDF file that contains a free report, and also invites people to join your mailing list. You can then use that mailing list as a channel where you can provide additional tips and also make offers of related products for sale.

While the “social purchasers” may have gotten your first downloadable product for free, there’s a chance that the people they communicate with will buy your product or avail of your services.

Sorry, but that’s not enough. Show me other ways to make money!

Okay, let’s say you run a restaurant and you offer a discount coupon: Free masachi for every P1,000 single receipt in Eat Well.

People who love your masachi will happily spread the word to their email contacts, download the masachi discount coupon, visit your resto, and spend at least P1,000.

Some of their friends who received an email from them will be motivated to also visit your restaurant, and buy your food.

But I don’t own a restaurant. How do I make money?

Then become a marketing consultant for offline clients such as restaurant owners. :-)

Is the Social Purchase Profits script a WordPress plugin?

SPP is not a WP plugin. And that’s one of the many reasons why I love it so much.

Please don’t get me wrong. WordPress is a wonderful way of easily publishing online and getting more traffic through the power of SEO.

When you use social media marketing, however, and attract a FLOOD of traffic, that can put a strain on your WordPress-powered blog.

I’ve seen it happen…

Traffic spikes up, your webserver gets hammered, memory usage blows up, then your site goes offline.

But when you have non-WordPress webpages such as a static page, even if you get quadruple the number of visitors who brought your WP blog down, your webserver is still happily humming along.

So it’s a good thing SPP is not a WordPress plugin, because this gives you the flexibility to create light, fast-loading, and highly responsive webpages.

Should you buy Social Purchase Profits today?

I highly recommend that you get SPP (even in its early version) if you have, or will soon have, the following:

1. A downloadable product or offer that a lot of people will find compelling.

2. A related offer that you can monetize, which your social purchasers can help spread the word about.

3. A fair amount of creativity and confidence that allows you to connect with local business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in social media marketing.

4. A better understanding of how exactly you can monetize social traffic, and the many approaches you can pursue.

5. Knowledge of how to get a flood of non-social or targetted traffic to your site, which will pave the way for a landslide of social traffic.

To Fuad and Patrick, thank you for releasing Social Purchase Profits at such an affordable price, because more and more people are starting to see the need for Google (SEO) and Facebook (social) traffic.

We look forward to seeing more people learn social media marketing and launch highly profitable SMO campaigns in the coming weeks.

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