One of the key success factors in your make money online projects is your ability to find a competent Social Media Virtual Assistant whom you can work with. And when you find someone such as Jonha Revesencio who is a joy to collaborate with, you will have also reached internet marketing nirvana…

A lot of internet marketers are hard-pressed for content development and high-impact online promotions, because a lot of people people simply don’t like to write.

Perhaps it started way back in school when we would groan each time our teachers would ask for our Friday paper, or term paper, or essay, or book report, or any other thing that requires us to put our thoughts into writing.

Fortunately, there are people like Jonha Revesencio who not only have a good grasp of English, but also have the social media marketing skills to sensibly promote your online business far and wide across the numerous communities on the web.

Words are powerful. Oftentimes, words are your allies in connecting with people who haven’t even met you in real life. You can try doing it all by yourself and write until you’ve erased the letters from your keyboard, but a strategy you can employ involves a key principle in stewardship…

Do what you’re good at; let others do what they’re good at.

Are you more of an entrepreneur who likes to joint venture with other business people? That’s great! Focus on that.

But how will you get the word out? How will you spread the news about your online business, for example? No problem… Let the social media ninjas handle that for you.

So it comes as no surprise that someone as talented as Jonha Revesencio has now set her sights on winning the Standard Chartered Breeze World’s Coolest Intern award.

In fact, Jonha has made it to the Standard Charter’s Top 10 WCI. :-)

I invite all probloggers, internet marketers and online home-based business and small-business owners to support Jonha Revesencio in her WCI bid. Not only will you be supporting a talented and dedicated virtual assistant, you will also help build your own network of social media professionals and writers.

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