Andrew Hiddleston launches Pro Video Blueprint, a multimedia training course that shows you how to make money with the help of online video. Here’s a quick review…

I like the quick tips that Andrew shared regarding what to place in your video, as well as in other places inside YouTube.

In fact, I immediately over to my YouTube channel and make the necessary updates. Perhaps in the coming weeks, the impact on websites, SEO, and overall visibility in the search engines will be greatly felt.

We’re currently testing how online videos can help in listbuilding, and so far the click-through rates show that we’re still in early days. Either that, or people who spend time in YouTube generally like to just stay there.

Whether it’s the increased use of smartphones and tablets, plus the slight aversion to typing on these mobile devices, what’s clear is that we need to find an online video marketing strategy that caters to the touchscreen-loving crowd.

Still, if your priority is higher visibility in search engines as well as in popular places such as YouTube, the key tips of Andrew Hiddleston will help you find that quick nugget of marketing goodness.

If you’re into technical things, however, you might nitpick about the hissing sound in some of the audio recordings.

I wish some of the recordings had a more quiet background especially since there’s a tutorial inside Pro Video Blueprint about handling the quality of your audio recordings.

And if you prefer quick and easy-to-review Worsheet and Checklists, Andrew has got you covered.

From thinking about your audience, to writing your script or story, to creating, editing and producing your slideshow video, it’s there, perfect for intermediate online marketers.

If you’re a complete newbie in the world of online videos or screencasting, you might want to gain more experience with Jing or Camtasia before diving into Pro Video Blueprint.

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