Nuffnang Philippines reaches out to practically all bloggers (especially to those who have at least 20 unique visitors daily), and is rolling out an awareness program. For many budding bloggers, this may be a chance to make money online even if they are just starting out. Is it truly possible to earn through online advertising, even if your site traffic is still quite low? For numerous aspirants, that hope might be fulfilled by Nuffnang.

Nuffnang started in South East Asia, and has recently spread to the Philippines. For the longest time, membership was exclusively limited to countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, but now that bloggers from the Philippines can join, it comes as no surprise that a flood of bloggers have rushed to the Nuffnang Philippines Registration Page.

What feature do I like about Nuffnang? It would be the analytics. You can see a graphical report of your web site traffic, neatly classified according to each blog that you enroll. With just a click of a button, you can quickly shift the view from Site A to Site B, for example. Plus, you can also see where your visitors are coming from. And so can Nuffnang, of course.

Another feature I like is the Nuffnang Philippines community. It would be much better, though, if there were some kind of page which handily lists the different bloggers. For now, it’s a matter of trial-and-error, as I try to guess the different profile pages of the Pinoy bloggers:

Will this Nuffnang really help you make money? Here’s where it gets iffy, though. Please bear in mind that Nuffnang is like an advertising broker. They will look for advertisers who are willing to advertise in your blog. If you were in a marketing person’s shoes, would you advertise your product and services in your blog?

Just because you prepare some ad space in your site, that does not automatically mean you will attract advertisers. It would help, though, if we would somehow get information regarding the kind of advertisers who are going to participate in the Nuffnang ad network, as well as their product and services. That way, you can quickly assess if there’s a fit between your blog’s visitors, and the companies the advertisers represent.

If you feel that you are in a good position to try Nuffnang, then head on over to and sign up. Your application will most likely be approved within 48 hours.

After you’re accepted, check out the special 68 bloggers promo of Nuffnang, where they invite 68 bloggers to write about Nuffnang (deadline is Sept 30, 2008). Up for grabs is P500 for each of the 68 chosen bloggers (but please keep in mind that the minimum payout is P1,500 or P2,000 depending on your status). In other words, you won’t receive the P500 in cash just like that. You’ll need to reach the minimum payout in advertising earnings first.

It’s still early days, and no one really knows for sure if many bloggers will actually make money with Nuffnang. What’s clear up front, however, is that Nuffnang is doing an outstanding job of marketing their service online, at a very low cost. Clearly, there’s a lesson to be learned here, and marketers who are evolving along with the increasingly wired consumers may take their cue from this.

All in all, think of this as your experiment as you try wading in the waters of online advertising. Consider this a learning experience, as you come to face to face with the question of whether your blog as an online watering hole is attractive enough to catch the attention of paying advertisers.

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