Do you remember the previous post about niche blogging success, where a $5,000/month niche blogger is teaching people how she succeeded in blogging? Well, here’s an update of what’s going on in Month #2 of that course.

In Month #2, we leave the realm of the basic WordPress set-up and move into marketing tactics for your blog, plus a few other ways to monetize your site. Yes, we’re talking about alternatives to AdSense.

Day 1 – Google AdSense 101
Day 2 – WordPress or Blogger? And why.
Day 3 – Watch the $5k a month blogger create a blog from scratch. Watch closely.
Day 4 – Amazon… done right.
Day 5 – One of Amy’s Top 5 Favorite affiliate programs. And you don’t have to sell a thing.
Day 6 – Your site visitors are looking for this type of ad.
Day 7 – Do you know which ads are not the right choice?
Day 8 – It’s easy to promote products online the right way… after someone shows you how.
Day 9 – Are you making this blunder with your blog ads?
Day 10 – How to find the online merchants.
Day 11 – Have you seen the shrinking (yet profitable) ad?
Day 12 – Amy’s favorite affiliate program.
Day 13 – How looking backward will move your blog income forward.
Day 14 – Affiliate Marketing (and no, it’s not Commission Junction)
Day 15 – Protect your Adsense account with this.
Day 16 – Ignore this and watch your Adsense earnings stagnate.
Day 17 – Google will fall in love with your site if you do this…
Day 18 – Get your blog indexed quickly with this often ignored tactic.
Day 19 – Are you committing this Web 2.0 mistake?
Day 20 – Are you making the most of this special part of your blog?
Day 21 – How to get more backlinks pointing to your web site(s).
Day 22 – Are you making this major Traffic mistake?
Day 23 – How to effectively establish your credibility online.
Day 24 – How to write blog posts that work!
Day 25 – Words that get people to visit your site. Nope, it’s not “click here.”
Day 26 – How to transform long-term SEO backlinks into immediate traffic.
Day 27 – Video: How to rank your articles among the most viewed in EzineArticles.
Day 28 – Submit your articles… and get paid by this article directory.
Day 29 – Checklist: What you should have achieved by the end of the month.
Day 30 – Do this while waiting for Month 3, and double your success.

The main sense I’m getting from Month #2 is this: Some aspiring probloggers are trying too hard when it comes to marketing or promoting their sites or blogs. It is quite a relief to find out that Amy Bass is using a relatively more relaxed (yet effective) approach to site promotion and search engine marketing (SEM).

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