Renowned internet marketer Ian del Carmen will be speaking at the Money Summit & Wealth Expo in July 2011 at the RCBC Plaza in Makati City. This is quite exciting because a lot of people are thrilled to hear the rags-to-riches story of Ian, which is quite inspiring even to those who want to make money online.

Ian is one of the 9 speakers who will present during the Money Summit. There will be one held in Manila in July 2011, and another in Cebu in August 2011. Based on the online article about the speakers, Ian will most likely present only during the Manila-based income-building conference.

Here’s how the Money Summit & Wealth Expo describes Ian:

Ian del Carmen is the President and CEO of Fireball Group of Companies. He started doing business online in April 2006 and after less than a year established a name for himself and an established empire in the Internet marketing industry.

Ian is one of the most sought after Internet marketing consultants in the world right now, having a regular client base of 70,000+ businesses worldwide from Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Australia to as far as Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Through sheer determination and studying the ins and outs of Internet marketing on his own, Ian built his company from a one-man business he first operated out of his own bedroom to one that now has more than 70,000 clients worldwide.

Before he got into Internet marketing, Ian was a TV scriptwriter, first for Channel 4, and then for ABS-CBN, writing and producing shows such as the reality show “Pinoy Big Brother.” It was during this time that his interest in Internet marketing was sparked.

In May 2007, he realized that his growing business was getting too big for one man to handle alone so he set up his company Fireball Planet Corporation with a few stockholders and some full-time as well as part-time staff. He is now capitalizing on another global trend: outsourcing. He will be offering virtual staff based in the Philippines to work for other Internet marketers worldwide.

If you’ve seen Ian in Facebook, you’re most likely aware of how energetic he can be, particularly in the field of Facebook marketing. He regularly gives examples of how to use FB to drive traffic to your website, and he also gives you the chance to have your own FB traffic machine with the help of his staff.

Clearly, he not only preaches about outsourcing and virtual assistants. He actually walks the talk.

And that’s why not a few people are counting the days to the Money Summit & Wealth Expo, because it is simply a chance of a lifetime to see prosperous Ian del Carmen up close and personal. Who wouldn’t want to speak with Ian and network with hundreds of other like-minded people? :-)

Sometimes, it’s not just the info that you will get from attending these conferences that proves most useful to you. Sometimes, it’s the experience of being in a room filled with determined entrepreneurs and online business people that inspires you to achieve more.

Here’s a tip: When you attend the Money Summit & Wealth Expo in either Manila or Cebu this year, please don’t bury your head in your notes. Don’t try to write everything down.

Instead, listen and watch for that “A-Ha!” moment that reveals to you a breakthrough you can use in your internet marketing campaign or even in your home-based business.

Then, when that light bulb flashes in your mind, quickly scribble down your “To-Do” — In other words, answer this question: “So, what will I do next, now that I know this?”

Even if you don’t write down all the new things that you will learn in the MSWE conference, prepare your list of 4 to 5 things to do, and actually take action.

That’s the secret of success. :-)

For more info, please read Money Summit Wealth Expo 2011.

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