To help you make money online, you need to have a clearer picture of the different types of articles that you can publish online. After all, article writing is one of the pillars of affiliate marketing…

There are basically 3 types of articles:

  • Product/Service Review Article
  • General Content Article
  • Promotional Article

The Product Review Articles and General Content Articles are pages found in YOUR website. On the other hand, the Promotional Articles are those found in other websites.

In affiliate marketing, you usually write about another product or service, recommend it to others, and invite your readers to purchase that product via your affiliate link. When people buy the product using your referral link, you earn a referral commission.

However, a website that contains nothing but Product Reviews will look boring. It will look less “human.”

True, there are websites out there that exist to simply showcase product reviews, but if you have time to create just ONE website, then I highly recommend you publish not only Product Reviews but also General Content Articles.

For example, this webpage that you’re reading right now is considered as general content. I’m helping you understand what it takes to succeed in affiliate marketing, yet at the same time I’m not recommending any particular product.

Think of general content articles as your way of giving back to the internet. Look at it as your way of helping others without expecting anything in return. Treat it as a way of building and improving your website and transforming from being a mere “how to make money online” site, to one that is useful, entertaining, or informative.

How will people know your articles even exist?

That’s where Promotional Articles come in.

These can come in the form of online press releases, guest blogging or guest posting, article submission, online publishing in other free websites such as Blogger (Blogspot) or WordPress, creating pages at Hubpages or Squidoo, status updates in Twitter or Facebook, streaming videos in YouTube, a photo blog in Tumblr, or in any other site outside your main site.

Usually, these sites have high traffic so when people stumble upon these pages, they will read your promotional articles.

And if your promo articles are useful, entertaining, or relevant, those people may even decide to visit your main website (if you placed a reference to your main site somewhere in your promotional article).

No webpage is an island.

So go and build your website, and spread the word by also publishing in other websites. But most of all, have fun in the process! :-)

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