Jonathan Leger has done it again, with the launch of Instant Article Wizard 3.0 (beta). People interested in making money online or passive income via the web have been asking what is the fastest way to create content and write articles.

Well, here’s your chance to try this out… for FREE!

Instant Article Wizard helps you quickly research topics on the internet. Unlike its previous versions, however, IAW3 allows you rapidly compose articles by just by clicking.

For those of you who love to write, you might balk at the click-compose approach, because you probably enjoy writing in the first place.

But for the majority of internet marketers who don’t exactly relish the thought of writing, or for those of you who work with virtual assistants (who aren’t truly writers at heart), then you will absolutely love the simplicity of this.

Keep this in mind, though…

This rapid article creating tool will be used by others, who will start producing tons of articles… at the start.

Yes, that means that after the initial surge of new articles, people who start off using Instant Article Pro will eventually fall by the wayside, and will simply give up once they don’t see the dollars coming in during the first couple of months.

Case Study: A virtual assistant published 7 blog posts daily for three months. In Month 4, the online advertising earnings alone of that VA came out to at least US$1,000 (or an average of $250/month).

That’s 840 blog posts (in only four months), which can now be monetized also via direct selling, online sales of membership sites, email listbuilding, affiliate marketing, and various ways of making money on the web.

Let’s be clear, though: I’m not guaranteeing that when you use IAW3 you will instantly make money, just like that. Or that even if you stick with it for 3 months, I’m not saying you will definitely earn a passive income through, say, online advertising.

Here’s what I recommend: Go ahead and try out Instant Article Wizard (do it now while it’s still in free beta access mode).

Jonathan Leger has a winner here, and you will see that as soon as you (and perhaps your virtual assistant) watch the demo of Instant Article Wizard 3.

With the coming new year, I’m seeing more and more people hunkering down and getting ready to earn more from the web. A lot of internet marketing seminar attendees have learned that, as far as online passive income is concerned, it’s mainly a case of Content + Backlinks.

Instant Article Wizard will help you take care of the Content portion of your internet marketing strategy.

What are you waiting for? Watch the Instant Article Wizard demo video today!

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