You can now host your static website at Amazon S3. For example, when people visit they will land in your Amazon S3 account. But what happens when people visit (without the “www”)? Here’s the solution…

If you haven’t already, get background info over at the blog of Werner Vogel.

Now on with the rest of this blog post…

Get a good domain name registrar that has DNS Management.

This means your nameservers will point to the special nameservers of your domain registrar.

You will then need to create a CNAME record for and the value will be:

This assumes your Amazon S3 bucket (called is hosted in the US Standard server.

US West (Northern California):
EU (Ireland):
Japan: (still searching for this one)

Using your Domain Name Registrar, create a URL redirect.

Redirect to

If you’re using email autoforwards via your Domain Name Registrar, you will need to create (or some other subdomain), because if you try to autoforward, your domain registrar will tell that there is a conflict with the CNAME and the URL redirects.

Anyway, that’s how you can host your static site in Amazon S3 servers.

Alternatively, go ahead and create a new site using a subdomain such as if you want your life to be simpler.

Having an affordable, high-availability website ensures you can serve your customers and potential clients. Plus, your static webpages will surely be displayed as quickly as possible (that’s additional SEO points for you).

If you need a WordPress-powered blog to help you quickly publish articles, then host that outside of Amazon S3 (you can still host the images, MP3 audio files and video clips in Amazon S3). Who says you may only have one website, right?

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