Andrew Hansen launches Firepow, and people are trying to get a better grasp of what exactly the monthly service can do for you. Since it covers a rather wide range of services, let’s tackle each area separately.

For now, let’s look at the various plugins that Firepow provides you.

For those of you who are on a tight budget, you can always spend more of your time (instead of your money) doing the manual work. Later on, as your cash flow increases, you can then pay for tools or systems such as Firepow which will help automate some of your tasks.

Anyway, let’s move on to those plugins, okay?

So, how can you “set your blogging on fire” with Firepow, the “Professional Blogging and Traffic Generation Software for Online Marketers”? The secret lies in building and maintaining more than one blog, and sanely managing all of those.

But that’s just building blogs. To set them “on fire”, you will need to install a number of plugins. Firepow will allow you to automatically install any (or all) of 40 plugins. Let’s see some of them…

  1. Keyword optimize each page of content on your site, for better SEO and higher visibility in the search engines. Perhaps this is the All in One SEO Pack plugin.
  2. Publish a quality RSS feeds and keep track of your feed subscribers. Sounds like the Feedburner plugin.
  3. Make it easy for your readers to add your posts to their favorite social networks, which helps boost your web site traffic levels. You do want more visitors, right? Somewhat similar to the Sociable plugin.
  4. Generate more page views by showing your readers links to related posts. More pageviews can lead to more ad revenue. You can automate things with the WordPress Related Posts plugin.
  5. Prettify your blog by displaying photos from a Flickr account. Let’s face it: photos liven up your site and help attract more visitors (i.e., think of people searching in Say hello to the flickrRSS plugin.
  6. Allow your readers to easily contact you from a simple contact form on your site. Several plugins can do this (although most of them will still send the message to your inbox): Contact Form 7
  7. Play audio files in your blog posts, because multimedia makes your site stand out (aside from the good content, of course). Lots of these audio players are available, for example: Audio Player plugin
  8. Protect your WP blog from hackers by banning anyone who keeps trying to guess your login info. Try the Login Lockdown plugin.
  9. Make it easy for your readers to print out your posts to share with their friends. And yes, sharing leads to even more traffic for you. Check out Lester Chan’s WP-Print plugin.
  10. “Set the order of your pages, and categories so that the right ones can get the most attention (something you otherwise can’t do with wordpress).” This works great particularly with WordPress blogs that follow a silo structure. You can control the order of your Pages and Categories in WordPress with the help of the My Category Order and My Page Order plugins.
  11. “Easily publish and distribute a podcast from your blog to attract new traffic from other websites.” Imagine having your site listed in several podcast directories. Shades of the podPress plugin.
  12. Highlight the “words that a reader used to find your page in a search engine… when they reach your page for easier navigation.” This can be done by Search Hilite, although with the age of that plugin, you will need to do a bit more testing.
  13. “Add images from the web or your computer into a blog post with greater flexibility and ease.” Well.. try the popular ImageManager plugin.
  14. Find out “what terms users have searched for on your blog so you can understand your readers more and give them what they want!” You can do the same with the help of the Search Meter plugin.
  15. Display your popular posts right on the homepage of your blog, to increase your pageviews as well as the number of your fans. Give the JAW Popular Posts Widget a spin!
  16. Translate your blog posts (automatically) into at least 12 different languages. Well, Lorelle gives a number of Translation and Multilingual WordPress plugins.
  17. And many more… 40 plugins, remember?

If you foresee yourself running an internet marketing campaign which requires the creation of a lot of blogs and manually installing even just 7 plugins for each blog, you will find value in taking advantage of the automation that Firepow will give you.

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