Kudos to the winners of the Filipina Writing Project which was organized by Janette Toral. Congratulations also to the lucky raffle winners of the Strategic Problogging Audio Ebook.

The winners of the ebook are:

Aileen Apolo, for Filipina Since Birth, and Chel Tolentino, for Story of a Young Filipina Woman — The Fighter In Me.

The SP ebook assumes you’re running Win98/WinXP, and that your computer has a soundcard and speaker.

The Filipina Writing Project aims to improve the relevance of search engine results for the search word “Filipina.” Usually, when do make a search for that term, you’ll end up with a rather one-sided set of web pages.

Could it be due to the lack of content about Filipinas?

And what is the lesson here for those interested in increasing their web traffic? Clearly, there are a lot of untapped niches on the web. While some topics have been overly-written about, you can still find a way to shift the focus to a finer aspect of that topic.

One technique of easily finding those micro niche topics (without using software) is found in the early part of the Strategic Problogging ebook. It begins before you even write a single word in your web site. It comes before you even do keyword research. And best of all, it does not require software.

Here’s a clue: Think of what entrepreneurs did before the internet existed.

Congratulations again to Aileen and Chel. I look forward to your problogging success!

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