Ryan Deiss re-launches Facebook Ad Power and if you’re looking for a review because you’re worried that Facebook Ad Power 2011 might just be a scam, here’s some food for thought…

In his video, Ryan Deis reveals that he spent thousands of dollars and six months of trial and error before he was able to create some kind of success blueprint for Facebook advertising.

You’ll sense that one of the key points is how to protect your Facebook account from getting banned. This happens, for example, when you use certain landing page designs that go against the rules of Facebook.

In exchange for your $197, Ryan Deiss shares with you the lessons he learned as he struggled with advertising on Facebook for a period of six months.

So, how much is six months of your life worth?

For those of you who are curious, you can read the Facebook Advertising Guidelines online.

I know of some people who got started with FB advertising with a recommended bid or rate of US$0.10 – Yes, you can get started with as low as ten cents and have your ad shown to a specific target market.

Do you prefer to show your FB advertisement to men? Women? Certain age group? People of a certain locality?

You can now achieve that type of granularity with FB advertising. Now that’s true targeted marketing power, you might say.

Wait… Step back for a moment and ask yourself: “How large is Facebook growing?”

No doubt about it. Facebook is HUGE. According to Ryan Deiss, we’re talking about 590 Billion monthly page views courtesy of 500 million members. Or a daily average of a little under 40 pageviews per FB member.

Lots of people are getting into Facebook. In the Philippines, various telcos are bundling cell phone subscriber plans which highlight how affordable it is now to connect to Facebook using your mobile phone.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Okay… Now step back once again for a moment and ask: “how large is your target market inside Facebook growing?”


And that’s where you can easily gauge whether “Facebook Ad Power” is for you. Is your $197 worth six months (in the case of Ryan Deiss) of trial-and-error? Or your time spent understanding (on your own), the Facebook Advertising Guidelines?

Will your FB advertising campaign be worth it over the next six months, assuming you have a better grasp of how large your target market is growing inside Facebook?

For example, if you look at the people around you who are now joining Facebook, you will be able to quickly tell whether you have something to offer them, and if they are willing and able to buy your product.

When you find yourself in the enviable position of having a product or service that you can offer to a growing segment of the Facebook market, then go ahead and learn from the tactics revealed by Ryan in Facebook Ad Power.

Even one tactic that makes you go “Hmmmm… why didn’t I think of that” will be worth your while.

But if, based on your gut feel and financial assessment, you find that your target market is not growing inside FB, then you may be better off learning FB advertising on your own. If at all.

Know this: Facebook changes rapidly.

What worked before, doesn’t now. Facebook fan page tutorials published as recently as just a few months ago… well, they don’t work now.

Various internet marketing gurus teaching their make money online students are scrambling and updating their Facebook tutorials…

…because Facebook changes quickly.

So if you have committed yourself to FB marketing and a life of continuous learning, adjusting, and improvement, and if you have a growing market among FB users, then go ahead and give the Facebook Ad Power 8-module multimedia training package of basic and advanced Facebook strategies plus Landing Page Bonus Training (whew!) a look-see:

  • Viral Keyword Groups
  • How to write Throat-Grabbing Facebook ads that get the click (without you getting banned)
  • Ninja bidding and budgeting strategies so you NEVER OVERPAY for a single click
  • Templates of Ryans’ best 3-minute landing pages that work
  • Info on which landing pages DON’T work
  • Step-by-Step Walkthrough of a complete winning Facebook campaign
  • Bonus materials, Q&A, Sponsored Status Ads, Psychographic Targeting, Testing, Tracking
  • The Secret 50% off Facebook Ad (this Tip is worth $1,970)
  • Spend only half of your competitors’ FB ad spend
  • Free updates for 12 months (supplemental training videos, new landing page and ad templates, additional Q&A sessions)

Just remember that this will only be one of many FB advertising tutorials that will come out in the coming months.

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