David Wood and David Sharpe launch the Empower Network, which is helping people make money online with the help of 100% direct commissions. Here’s what it is, and why this can work for you…

The basic product is a $25/month blogging or online publishing system.

Just imagine you’re getting a webhosting package that allows you to blog online. You then write and attract traffic, then visitors will see your affiliate link to Empower Network, and when they sign-up, you get paid directly.

Well, most of the time.

You see, your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th referral thereafter actually ends up paying the person who referred you to the Empower Network (EN). It’s amazing how the techies managed to pull this off.

Is Empower Network just a scam? Well, you know how news travels fast on the web, Twitter, and Facebook. So far, we haven’t found any complaints.

How Can You Succeed With Empower Network

You (or someone you can work with) will need to find a way to publish online regularly. This way, you can attract readers who might be interested in learning more about EN.

You can also publish online videos, to again, attract potential EN customers.

The REAL Power of Empower Network

For those of you who are willing to look beyond the obvious 100% commissions paid directly to you, you will see the true power of the potential blogging network of EN. As more people join and subscribe, they will turn EN into a fast-growing blog.

What I Don’t Like About Empower Network

I wish David Wood and David Sharpe were more transparent about how they are going to make money with EN. The thing I usually hear in their videos is: “The same way you are.”

Here’s my guess about how they will recover the cost of their webserver (I’m guessing they’re using a dedicated webserver to manage the surge in traffic that’s bombarding their website starting late October 2011):

  • Online advertising
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Embeddable Videos

My gut feel is that they have taken the intial surge in cashflow, and invested this in paid marketing and promotion campaigns.

If you’re a newbie, you probably don’t have much cash for your internet business. That’s why you will use mostly free tools to drive traffic to your blog (or even to your Empower Network blog).

You will also most likely invest your TIME in producing videos which you will upload to YouTube.

And you know, you may even attract a few customers who will pay $25/month for Empower Network.

And then, after a few months, when you don’t see the thousands of dollars you once dreamed of come flowing into your bank account, you will most likely QUIT.

And what will happen to the fantastic online marketing and lead generation system which you have just built? Those will end up going to the people above you.

That’s what makes it worth their time to give you 100% direct commissions. If ever you quit, the momentum that your online publishing and internet marketing efforts have started will redound to their benefit.

Is Empower Network For You?

If you have a long-term online publishing plan, and if you will grow your network and online presence, then Empower Network can help you build your internet business over time, and finally get you that semi-passive income that you’ve been looking for.

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