We’re giving Empower Network a whirl, and here’s a review of what we’ve seen so far…

WordPress Blogging Is Fast!

David Wood and David Sharpe are probably using a dedicated webserver because they expect a lot of site visitors. Plus, with so many people logging into what appears to be a multi-user WordPress-powered site, they know they have to get a monster web hosting package to avoid server meltdown.

The result: A zippity-fast WordPress blogging experience.

It is such a joy to blog on their uber-fast webserver. Whether you’re a newbie or first-time blogger who’s mainly focused on writing, or an intermediate or experience internet marketer who likes to integrate search engine optimization (SEO) or social media optimization (SMO) into a super-charged WordPress blog, you’ll love the Empower Network webserver.

100% Commissions and Continuity

One of the things which cropped up is: What happens when the person who referred you drops out of the Empower Network program?

Well, you will need to stop paying that person the recurring monthly $25 or $125.

Then, you need to find a way to continue paying the person who referred the person who referred you. You’ll know the name of that person, because you will receive an email notification from the Empower Network organizers.

That’s why you need to keep in touch with your entire group. If ever someone decides to focus on other things, you can still keep in touch with that person’s Empower Network group.

Fortunately, Facebook can help you with that.

Multiple Sources of Help

Aside from the Empower Network main support group, there’s help from the person who’s directly training me. In addition, there’s a Facebook support group for our team.

That’s three sources of help.

And when you include me, that’s 4 sources of help. :-)

Is Empower Network For You?

If you have a long-term online publishing plan, and if you will grow your network and online presence, then Empower Network can help you build your internet business over time, and finally get you that semi-passive income that you’ve been looking for.

Looking for the step-by-step Empower Network success blueprint?
[The information is shared with those who join our Empower Network team.]

Please let me know if you want to join our Empower Network team, or if you have questions. Thanks! :-)

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