People are getting excited about the Empower Network organized by David Wood and David Sharpe. While trying out the system, an interesting payment question arises as people make money online…

The question is: What happens when some people drop out?

Take this sample scenario…

Lawrence Tam refers Toby Black and Layla Black. Hence, Toby and Layla paid the monthly fee to Lawrence, and Toby and Layla are allowed to build their blog in the Empower Network (EN) website.

Lawrence is allowed to receive payments directly from Toby and Layla, because Lawrence is subscribed to at least the $25/month package. I’m guessing that Lawrence is paying David Wood and/or David Sharpe.

(NOTE: David is most likely paying for the Empower Network webserver.)

Now Toby and Layla sign-up Arvin. Arvin pays Toby and Layla $25 a month and starts blogging at EN.

Arvin signs up Manuel. Manuel pays the monthly fee to Arvin. Yes, it’s a case of 100% commissions. The owners of the dedicated webserver hosting account, or at least the ones responsible for it, are David Wood and company.

Now here’s the question…

What happens if Arvin decides to move on to other things?

If Arvin pursues other interests, that means he stops paying $25/month to Toby and Layla. And since he’s no longer subscribed to the EN Basic Membership package, then he should no longer accept payments from Manuel.

That’s one of the key principles in EN: You may refer products that you yourself are paying for.

Hence, if Manuel continues blogging at Empower Network, he now needs to find a way to send the monthly $25 to Toby and Layla.

The same thing will need to be done by all the people who directly joined the team of Arvin.

What happens if, in the future, Toby and Layla get out of Empower Network? Does that mean we will have to adjust and now send our payments to Lawrence?

Perhaps online payments will be handled automatically if the EN members are using a merchant account. The Empower Network uses First Data, which provides merchant accounts to people based in the USA. For international members or those living outside the USA, there are alternative online payment systems.

It appears, however, that these non-First Data online payment processors are not set-up to automatically handle the redirection of payments when people move in and out of the Empower Network.

And that’s an administrative challenge that needs to be resolved.

In the meantime, the ideal thing to do would be to get a merchant account. Hopefully, Empower Network will find a way to make this available to international members, and not just limit it to the USA.

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