With dreams of making money online, lots of people are feverishly blogging in their Empower Network blog. They write daily, and then some of them wonder: “When will we attract enough leads and earn those 100% direct commissions?”

Well, here’s a lead generation system that you can try…

To get more leads, get help from the person you are directly paying.

It’s a fair deal. After all, your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th customer thereafter will end up directly paying the person whom you are paying monthly. It is in their best interest, therefore, to help you generate more leads.

Here’s the reality: New bloggers usually don’t have enough traffic at the start.

So they end up spending on advertising co-ops, and shell out even more dollars each month. But what if they step back and ask themselves this question…

How did I join Empower Network in the first place?

Most likely, you found someone who effectively talked about it. That person (whom you are paying monthly) is probably more experienced than you, and most likely has more pages published online than you.

Empower Network Lead Generation Tactic

Get in touch with your sponsor and show him or her that you are serious about blogging. Prove that you have blogged on a daily basis, and that you have at least 5 blog posts to show for it.

Then, request for help in terms of blog promotions.

In the case of this website (ManuelViloria.com), you’ll find a rotating banner ad on the upper right-sidebar. That leads to the free video.

You’ll notice that when you refresh this webpage, that free video will lead to a different or random webpage.

In other words, other people will be able to take advantage of the traffic enjoyed by this website. They will be able to generate additional leads… for FREE.

That’s just one kind of help we extend to members of the Empower Network Bloggers Group.

Remember, you should avoid thinking only of yourself. You should help and serve others.

While it’s true that some of the people who become your customers will be passed up (your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th customer thereafter), and while it’s a fact you won’t receive a single cent from them, go ahead and help them just the same.

Don’t make this “just about money.”

Help others without expectation of receiving anything in return. Just try it and see what happens. :-)

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