People blogging at Empower Network want to connect and also make money online. A key success factor is the email marketing system. Now David Wood and David Sharpe have spread the message that all you need to do is to blog daily, tell others, and make money.

That means David will take care of transforming the readers of your blogs into leads, and a certain percentage of those leads into actual paying customers who will pay you with 100% direct commissions.

Does this really work?

As I’ve often recommended: Test, test, and test. :-)

We are testing the email marketing series of David Wood to see what percentage of people reading blog of varying topics will actually sign up to the mailing list, and how many of them will pay for the Empower Network blogging and training service.

My techie friends are also building another email marketing campaign to test, based on the examples provided by Toby and Layla Black and Lawrence Tam.

UPDATE: The 16-part email series of Toby and Layla has been edited to 7 messages, so that they will be more applicable to you. The 9 messages which were removed are quite focused on Toby and Layla. This means that over time, when you gain more experience, you will need to insert emails that talk about you and what you can do for others.

At least, with the starting 7 messages, you have something to work on. You don’t need to start from scratch. Just plug it into the best autoresponder on the internet. [NOTE: You can get started today for only $1 in your first month!] :-)

The goal is to help people focus mainly on blogging daily, while the techies handle the email marketing set-up, and the marketing folks take care of the email copywriting.

Remember, a lot of people joining the Empower Network are beginners in the area of online marketing. Plus, not everyone feels comfortable writing and baring their soul online. That’s why I have deep respect for those of you who are serious about making this work for you. Here you are, reading and studying… and writing or blogging.

In gratitude for your support and trust, we are combining the forces of more experienced techies and marketing copywriters, so that you can do your share and publish useful, informative, or relevant articles online.

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