Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay offer a way for you to make money online with the Consumer Wealth System (CWS).

Is the Consumer Wealth System just a scam? Or is it something that you can use to truly help you earn additional income using the power of the internet? Let’s have a look inside…

CWS is an online membership site which contains a series of Camtasia screencasts (online streaming videos). You may download these as MP3 files or iPod M4V files, so that you can continue to learn the CWS methods even when you’re away from your computer.

The last time I looked, there were 43 videos.

What makes the Consumer Wealth System different from other how to make money online courses?

CWS teaches you how to sell physical products online.

CWS talks about setting up a few sites in a few hours each month, with the aim of earning hundreds of dollars monthly in affiliate marketing commissions.

When I first started with online marketing in the lates 1990s, most of the products being sold were electronic products such as downloadable PDF ebooks. It’s good to see an online course teaching internet marketers to also tap the physical consumer goods market.

Is it really possible to earn $18,000 a month on complete autopilot with very little work on your part?

Yes, it is possible, although you need to keep the following things in mind…

“Complete Autopilot” means a fair amount of work or pre-work was made before the system reached the autopilot stage.

It’s like planting and caring for mango trees for many years. Then, when they begin to bear fruit you might say: “Look! I’m able to harvest mangoes and sell these on autopilot!”

But remember, the owner of those mangoes watered the trees for many years, and took care of those trees through several typhoons, until these got strong enough.

In other words, it will take time.

“Very little work on your part” means someone else will do the needed work. If you’re allergic to work, you can outsource the tasks you prefer not to do. :-)

CWS has a section called “Intro to Outsourcing” page, which invites you to register for Marc Lindsay’s Outsourcing webinar. Registration is FREE.

John Jonas makes this point — why do the work yourself? You’ll just end up having another JOB and not a business.

In the webinar, John will show you how to outsource to the Philippines at around $2.50/hour (which comes out to roughly twice the daily minimum wage in the Philippines, assuming an 8-hour day).

What would you like to outsource? SEO, webdesign, PPC advertising, graphics, customer service, PHP programming, article writing, lead generation, and more. Please keep in mind, however, that not all of those go for only $2.50/hour.

What are the main sections of the Consumer Wealth System?

There are 7 main sections:

  • Introduction and Preparation
  • Market Research and Selection
  • Domain Registration and Hosting
  • Site Setup and Structure
  • CWS Core
  • Traffic Generation and SEO
  • Moving Beyond CWS

What I Don’t Like About the Consumer Wealth System

I prefer to read PDF files than sit through a PowerPoint + voiceover video presentation, because I’m able to read faster than the speaker talks.

That’s why I prefer to browse through the CWS Knowledgebase.

In 2010, CWS had PDFs. In the updated 2011 version, there are now more online videos.

Consumer Wealth System Review: Is CWS For You?

Do you like to write, or can you find people who can write or provide content for the websites that need to be created? Do you have the patience to wait for anywhere between 3 to 9 months before your websites start to earn? Do you have enough marketing sense to make adjustments while you monitor the performance of your websites?

Are you focused enough to create ONE website and market it properly? Can you stop yourself from being distracted by every Make Money Online product that enters your email inbox? Can you keep at a task for 1 to 2 hours without your eyes drifting to your TV set?

Then yes, go ahead and give Consumer Wealth System a try.

Go and get CWS at www.ConsumerWealthSystem.com

That is not an affiliate link. The investment you will make will go to the creators of CWS, and also to YOUR education in the field of internet affiliate marketing.

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