Here’s a key strategy you can use when trying to make money online with the help of the Amazonian Profit Plan…

If you’ve read the Amazonian Profit Plan Review, you’ve probably gotten excited over the prospect of earning affiliate commissions from Amazon, with the help of just a few webpages.

Time to wake up, my friends.

The “few webpages” refers to the money pages, or the actual pages that help you earn your commission.

You will still need a LOT of webpages, so that shoppers will find your few money pages.

So here’s the strategy: Have Fun Publishing On The Web.

Publish in your other blogs. Tweet in Twitter. Update your status in Facebook. But most important of all…


With your limited time, focus on building ONE website where you can easily write about a wide-range of topics.

Just as successful affiliates have seen that 80% of their online income comes directly from a handful of web pages, so too will you discover (hopefully not the hard way) the importance of focus.

Are you spending too much time in various online discussion boards or forums? Do you Tweet or Facebook too much? Do you keep your nose stuck in the virtual pages of an ebook? Are you too busy “learning” to take action?

They key is to focus on taking action.

For example, are you still here reading this blog post? When will you stop reading and start writing? :-)

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