Some friends who want to make money online have given up trying to earn affiliate commissions from Amazon, but Wanda and Paula have released an ebook called the Amazonian Profit Plan, where they share their blueprint for averaging $10,000 a month while promoting Amazon products. Before automatically saying that the Amazonian Profit Plan is just a scam, please read the following review…

Wanda and Paula’s “The Amazonian Profit Plan” (TAPP) is a 74-page PDF ebook that you can quickly read in about 22 minutes, especially if you already have experience setting up websites.

In other words, the ebook will not go into detail on how to publish a blog.

Instead, TAPP focuses on the step-by-step blueprint for making money with the Amazon Associates Program.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

The key thought here is that you will need to work, as in write webpages that will take the average person a little under 7 minutes to read out loud. Yes, that’s around two-and-a-half pages of letter size paper, one-inch margin all around, Times New Roman 12, single-spaced.

Fortunately, you don’t have to write hundreds of such pages. In some cases, you’ll survive with less than 20 pages.

(Just to clarify, though, we’re not saying you’ll survive with a 20-page website. You will still need to blog and publish shorter webpages to help drive traffic to your money pages.)

What? 20 Pages = $10,000 a month?

Your skepticism is understandable. Please consider the following, though…

If you have a 300-page blog on real estate marketing online, and one of the pages of that blog (or website) promotes some piece of real estate such as a house and lot package or a $111,111 condominium unit, and you sell one condo unit a month, that’s a commission of around $2,778 for you.

Yes, from “just” one webpage.

(Please keep in mind that it’s a 300-page blog, but only one page is a money page.)

In other words, if you want to earn large commissions, you either sell a lot of small ticket items, or a few high-priced products. Makes business sense, right?

Which Amazon Products Should You Promote?

Wanda and Paula detail in The Amazonian Profit Plan ( their criteria for choosing which products to promote. No, there are probably no condo units for sale in Amazon, but there are excitingly-priced products that you can write about.

Just make sure you don’t waste time promoting heart-stopping products (from the point-of-view of sensible shoppers).

Wanda and Paula reveal in their ebook the price range of Amazon products to target when you write product reviews.

How To Write Amazon Product Reviews

The Amazonian Profit Plan shows you (from pages 31 to 44) how Wanda and Paula write their reviews. You will appreciate their insightful tip about using WordPress.

Then in Attachment 4 (pages 62 to 65 of the PDF ebook), you’ll get to see an example of a product review.

Attachment 4 is a priceless part of TAPP, because you will see how Wanda and Paula position their affiliate links.

Now let’s manage your expectations about this…

It will probably take the average, focused person around 4 hours to research on the product, find keywords and phrases searched for by online shoppers, write the product review, and upload it to a website.

It will also probably take the average person 30 days to give up, when no results come in.

Success Is A Hockey Stick

Please don’t expect The Amazonian Profit Plan to bring you thousands or even hundreds of dollars in your first few months.

Afterall, even if you create those fantastic product reviews, how will shoppers know about your webpages?

You will have to build traffic to your site, and that can take time, depending on your marketing abilities.

While TAPP covers traffic-building in around 8 pages, it woudn’t be reasonable for you to expect that what you will read there will transform your blog into a magnet that attracts hordes of visitors to your money page.

It will take time and marketing effort, and numerous little steps will build up… over time.

Should You Get The Amazonian Profit Plan?

No. Do not buy The Amazonian Profit Plan.

Especially if you do not want to write lengthy blog posts, or if you do not have the patience to build your online credibility.

On the other hand, if you enjoy doing online research and writing, and if you have alternative sources of income to sustain you while you build your Amazon Affiliate Program business, then go for it.

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