Edwin Ramos launches Ads2Freedom, an online advertising site with an MLM or Network Marketing component. We’re going to test in the coming weeks how Ads2Freedom can help people make money online.

While you can sign-up at http://ads2freedom.com-review.org for free, you will need to upgrade (US$22 or Php 880.00) if you would like to have your text ad and banner ad included in the rotated ads at that site.

You’ll be given 5,000 impressions for your text ad and 5,000 impressions for your banner ad for a total of 10,000 impressions. In other words, that’s a $2.20 CPM.

Most likely, the Ads2Freedom site will attract Philippine network marketing enthusiasts and MLMers, and other people from outside the Philippines.

There are 4 slots for the text ads (above the fold), and 3 slots for 468 x 60 banner ads towards the bottom of the webpages. The ads are subject to admin approval.

We’ll be monitoring the number of impressions served per day, the click-through rate of each ad, as well as the conversion rate.

So if you’re going to ask: “Is Ads2Freedom just a scam?” our answer is that we’re currently doing due diligence. Perhaps you can also conduct your own due diligence as well.

Right now, it’s still early days. How strongly do Pinoy network marketers want to learn how to attract more customers with the help of the internet remains to be seen.

Based on initial interviews, we’ve heard that more and more people are looking for passive ways to earn an extra income. Somehow the days of face-to-face prospecting appears daunting, because people want more free time to share with their loved ones.

And that’s what makes the internet extremely exciting.

At no other point in our history has connecting with thousands of people at just a snap of the fingers been more possible than today, right now, with the help of the internet.

So while you’re waiting for the results of our online advertising tests, go ahead and Click Here and Sign Up For Your Free Account at Ads2Freedom.

Remember, you don’t have to upgrade right away. We took the risk for you, and we will share the results of tests in the coming weeks.

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