Here’s a 5 Bucks A Day Revisited review of Dennis Becker’s updated version of the original 5 Bucks a Day ebook, an inspiring story of an internet marketer who found a way to make money online…

“5 Bucks A Day Revisited” is a 108-page PDF ebook that brings you the latest developments and updates of what has happened to Dennis Becker’s 5BaD system after a period of 5 years. Yes, it’s been half a decade, and the changes and new learnings will open the eyes of newbie and intermediate internet marketers alike.

Dennis Becker lays out the importance of mindset, and how your attitude and sense of priorities can protect you from needless distractions, and also fortify you so that you will be able to go the distance.

If you get the opportunity to speak with internet marketing people, you will catch the success pattern of PERSISTENCE. We’ve met several people who kept at it and eventually achieved success (e.g., $1000 a day), and Dennis shares similar experiences.

For those of you who prefer not to dwell on foundational topics such as “mindset”, you will find page 61 valuable, because it starts the section on 5 Bucks A Day Project Ideas.

These ideas are highly do-able, because the goal is not extremely ambitious. Afterall, your main target is to earn $5 a day, so that different ways to achieve that goal aren’t exactly rocket science.

If it’s so simple, then why do you need the ebook? If you look back at the path you’ve traveled, you will remember that some of your greatest achievements were made possible because of INSPIRATION.

Dennis Becker shares his life lessons and, in the process, inspires you to try some of the things he has done. When you read about the lowest moments in his life, you may sometimes even find yourself mirrored in the very pages of the 5 Bucks a Day Revisited ebook download.

But wait… there’s more! Starting page 85, Dennis will treat you to additional income-generating ideas: W______, O______ M______, P______ C______, S_______ F_______, and M______ S________, to name a few.

Dennis also features three of his mentors, and thus reveals one of the pillars of his internet marketing success. Yes, you need mentors as well as joint-venture partners.

In fact, the first few pages of the 5BADR ebook are shining examples of the importance of having JV partners.

In that respect, some of the key lessons in internet marketing are not only spelled out in the ebook; they’re also found in between the lines, so to speak, because the ebook itself shows successful IM in action.

If you want to learn the 5 Bucks Strategy, then please budget $5 for the ebook. It’s so affordable, and we won’t even publish an affiliate link because we know that you’re reading this 5 Bucks A Day Revisited review because you’ve already heard about this must-add-to-your-library internet marketing ebook.

While some people may be floored by the story of how Dennis earned approximately $38,000 in 6 weeks, here are our favorite learnings from the ebook:

  • Dennis wrote the first version of Earn “5 Bucks a Day” in 2006, just for fun.
  • Dennis was deeply in debt (mid 6-figures) with seemingly no way out. But he was able to find a solution!
  • Tactics will work at a certain point in time, but marketing STRATEGY is timeless.
  • You need more than just a goal. You need to write down your Stretch Goal.
  • You need to focus.
  • Resist the urge to dismiss things as “just theory”, because in reality, there’s goldmine in there.
  • Should you always strive for excellence, thinking that “good enough” is not good enough? Or will slightly altering your views about this topic help you climb up the ladder of success?

When you order Dennis Becker’s 5 Bucks A Day Revisited, please read it at least 3 times. We’ve read it 5 times, and with each reading comes a new insight on how people succeed and make money online.

Some of the lessons are not that obvious, but with time, patience, and focus, readers will know what we’re talking about.

So go ahead and invest in yourself today, and discover what 5 bucks a day can do for you.

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