Willie Crawford launches 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online, and it features how other regular people have done that, even if they only worked part-time on the internet. Is this for real or is it just a scam?

Willie Crawford is a highly respected internet marketer. In fact, he is quite influential that several people have glowingly recommended his ebook even if they haven’t fully read it. That set off alarms ringing in my head.

Then again, I have seen firsthand how Willie shares his help and knowledge with internet newbies in discussion boards online. And he even knows a bit of Tagalog, because his wife is a Filipina.

But I digress…

I’m now going through the 20 ways to earn $100 daily, and I’ll test the promise that…

Some of the methods discussed in this publication will enable you to get paid instantly for products delivered automatically while you’re sleeping. Other methods discussed will enable the creation of weekly or monthly income, either through electronic payments or checks mailed to your home.

So before you rush off and get 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online today, allow me to share my initial impressions of the different methods with you:

#1: By Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian. The short-term examples are similar to what you’ve probably seen in various online sales. These examples do not come with details regarding the “how” part.

Dr. Mani presents one medium-term model, and four long-term models. Again, no details on how to go about doing those projects.

(Hmmm… maybe I should create tutorials to address the missing “how”?)

#2: By Case Stevens. The approach here is slighly similar to Ed Dale’s “Thirty Day Challenge” although Ed provides more detailed steps for the internet newbie. I wish Case had included more details (not found in Ed’s TDC). Then again, at $27 and about 20 contributing writers, that’s just $1.35 per writer, right?

#3: By Kent Nasstrom. This method is quite daunting, especially for technophobes. Definitely not for newbies. If you do want to try something new, you might go for this. If you’re already doing this, you’re probably not searching the web for tips on how to earn $100 a day.

#4: By Patrick Pretty. Unlike the previous section writers, Patrick inserts affiliate links in his article. Not making a judgment there, just an observation. His section has more images, and his topic is quite important especially for newcomers who are interested in making money online.

#5: By Bev Clement. Here’s another method that most people (even techno geeks) will find intimidating. And that’s why you can earn $100 daily; not too many people are willing to do this type of activity. The prospects for passive income, however, are quite low.

#6: By David Schwartz. Technowizards will appreciate this article, because it is balanced with tips from a business point of view.

#7: By AnneMarie Callan. Here’s an overview for small business curious about the internet.

#8: By Michael Badger. Once you see the title of his article, you’ll probably quickly skip on over to the next. If you can get over your shock, however, and if you’re willing to try something new, you might give this a go. Personally, I won’t.

#9: By Jim and Doris McKiel. A lot of people are into this method, so if you’re looking for an activity which allows you to ask many people (perhaps even your relatives!) for tips, this is for you. This will involve a fair amount of physical activity, so don’t dream too much about passive income with this one.

#10: By Jeremy Estes. Now this is something you won’t usually find in “how to make money” ebooks. His method involves a fair amount of computer work, and will likely appeal to bloggers and WAHMs.

#11: By Dr. Mani Suvasibramanian. This time, Dr. Mani takes a less metaphysical approach. Hopefully, readers will sense that it does not take too much to succeed online. Now if only we could learn to get over perfection anxiety.

#12: By Michelle Brouse. Great chapter on something you can try, plus links to the tools you need. As for me, I would rather outsource this kind of work to Michelle than do this myself.

#13: By Micheal Savoie. Bloggers can use this to gain independence from Adsense. It’s an uphill climb, though, and if you’re quite impatient with your Adsense earnings, Michael’s approach might make you ballistic.

#14: By Jack Bastide. I like this section the best because I felt that Jack was telling his story on a more personal level. It’s a good example that bloggers might wish to emulate. Jack’s system can be used by realtors, auto dealers, attorneys, dentists, chiropractors, and other “real world” (as opposed to electronic world) entrepreneurs.

NOTE: Jack Bastide’s section made me happy I went online to get 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online today.

#15: By Gary Knuckles. If you’re a people kind of person, this section is for you. Lots of details here. This section could’ve been spun off and sold as a special report all by itself.

#16: By Willie Crawford. Do you hate writing? Willie’s section is for you. But if you want more traffic to your site, there are suggestions here which you might not appreciate, especially if you’re allergic to hard work.

#17: By Thea Swafford. If you want to realistically reach your $100 a day goal with this section, be prepared to form a team with good communication and technical skills. Once it is set-up, the potential for passive income is higher (compared with the other methods mentioned in this page).

#18: By Scott and Sharlene Raven. You can succeed with this method even if you have health problems. Some amount of writing skill is needed with this one.

#19: By Daniel Taylor. I’m struggling with this particular approach. Daniel provides techniques which I will try. Just have to set aside some funds for this.

#20: By Willie Crawford. Great way to cap this book, because Willie’s final section alone provides 19 powerhouse tips that bloggers can do.

So here are the sections I like: 14, 15, and 20.

If you want to give it a try, find something better to do than fritter away your time at FaceBook, or even if you’re just curious, check out 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online today.

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