is your internet marketing web site that will help you make profitable use of the internet. Whether you’re interested in blogging or problogging, podcasting, videoblogging, or multimedia internet publishing, for as long as the information will help you grow your business not just through but also because of the internet, you’ll find that right here.

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The internet, just like everything else, is constantly changing. You will find success faster if you engage in a lot of experimentation.

And that’s what you’re going to find on this site. Experiments and little tweaks that spell success through and because of the internet. Let’s take this journey together, shall we?

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SEO-Friendly WordPress

Before you delve into the marketing aspects of gaining more traffic for your site, you’ll need to check if your blog is search engine friendly:

WordPress SEO Adjustment Leads To Higher Traffic
Solve the duplicate content penalty that afflicts a lot of WP-powered sites, by instructing search engine robots to index only your Homepage, Single Posts, and Single Pages. In other words, do not index Date and Category pages because those will banish your regular posts to duplicate content oblivion.

Do All Your Posts Look Identical In Google?
Display different meta descriptions for your individual posts, so that the search engines treat each page as unique, and so that people will be motivated to click on your link after they see it in search engine results pages.

Plugins Used in

Permalink Redirect
Helps keep duplicate entries of your WP posts from entering the search engines.

FeedBurner Plugin
How to redirect feed readers from WP feeds to the Feedburner feed.